1. Friday night we were very kindly offered tickets to see the Toronto Raptors play the Sacramento Kings.

    We aren’t big basketball fans, but we decided to take the opportunity to see this game especially as the seats we got were quite good. In the end, we were pleased we went as the experience was excellent. The game was a lot of fun, but just as interesting was what was going on off the court. Music was played constantly during the game, and there were plenty of breaks featuring dancers, fan contests and Raptors mascots engaging in hijinks with the crowd.

    The game was very close for the first half of the game, with the lead changing hands frequently and Toronto only being behind by one point at half time. However, the Raptors had a poor third quarter and ended up losing the game 105 - 96.

    Due to getting the tickets only a few hours before the game, we didn’t have the chance to get the camera from home, so we made do with our phone. Not great quality, but I’m sure you get the idea…

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